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TSS 'Diver 2' Rubber Watchstrap

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Soft touch high quality rubber divers watchstrap with reinforced shoulders. The absolute matt finish, superior flexibility and soft feel of this strap make it just that little bit extra special. 

This strap offers superior flexibility and is extremely resistant to the cracking. If your after a hard wearing divers strap - this item will not disappoint in terms of durability, comfort or appearance.

Using the best Seiko Pro Dive straps as the benchmark for comparative assessment, the Heavy Duty Dive Strap 2 is equal in every respect to anything you can buy bearing a Seiko 'Scuba' logo. An identical strap with a Seiko rrp £32.00 was supplied with several Seiko models including the SKX171 200m Professional Divers Watch. This is the very same strap but comes without the £25.00+ logo ! 

While many divers straps might look pretty similar, there are significant differences in quality that cannot be determined from the images seen in your browser. As a general guide, dive straps with a higher rubber content will be more flexible and perhaps most importantly resist cracking for longer.


Size: Available in 22mm only.
Available in Black only.
Buckle side length: 78mm (not including buckle)
Long side length: 135mm
Thickness at shoulder: 6mm
Taper: This strap tapers by 2mm and as such take a clasp or buckle 2mm narrower than the fitting width

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Size Guide
(at least where watch straps are concerned)

In order to establish the correct size/fitting for your watch, simply measure the distance (in millimeters) between the case lugs as seen in the illustration above. The determined width will be the size of watch strap you should order.

*In the event that you find the width to be an uneven size, ie. 17mm, 19mm, 21mm etc. and only in the case that you wish to purchase a leather or rubber watch strap - TSS recommends that you order the next size larger. The small degree of compression required to fit a 20mm strap to a 19mm lug width is well within the capability of supple hides. (while opinions will vary on this TSS has not yet had a single return arising from compatibility/fit issues when supplying the next size up).

**RE. Spring bars - if you are buying an oversize strap (as described above) it should be noted that the spring bars TSS supply with your strap will be approx. 1mm longer than the lug width of your watch. In this case TSS recommends that (unless damaged) you use the original spring bars supplied with your watch. TSS will be happy to supply spring bars in 17mm/19mm/21mm sizes if you request this via email immediately after placing your order.


Watchstrap lengths vary depending on who made it. Rather unhelpfully different watchstrap manufacturers around the world have different ideas of what constitutes a 'regular' or 'standard' length. For example, 'regular' length straps from European manufacturers can vary by up to 18mm in length and as such you should pay particular attention to the dimensions quoted with each item description.

TSS are unable to provide 'suitable for' wrist sizes or 'wearable length' due to there being several variables that make accurately determining wearable length somewhat problematic. The size of your watch, your watches lug to lug distance and to a lesser degree case thickness all need to be taken into account when determining the correct length needed.